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Peter: The Man and His Ministry [NT510]

Simon Peter was a devoted disciple, a cowering coward, and a powerful proclaimer of the resurrected Christ. This course unfolds how Jesus transformed Simon into Peter, the first “rock” upon whom He could build His Church.


Jewish Background of the New Testament [HT700]

This course deals with the Hebrew-Jewish world into which the Gospel, the Church, and the Scriptures came. Influences of the political, religious and social developments of various groups during the first century upon the New Testament are emphasized.


A Study of Matthew, Part I [NT130]

This is a study of the first twelve chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. This course will focus on Matthew’s major themes; the meanings of the teachings to the early Church; the character, person and work of Jesus; and the activity of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus.


The Letters of John [NT525]

An in-depth study of the Letters of John, which were written to believers uncertain about their spiritual status. An unsettling conflict with the teachers of a false doctrine, Cerinthianism, which was a forerunner of second century Gnosticism, is emphasized.


Crucified Life [PT341]

A study of scriptural self-denial. It helps the student to gain a greater understanding of the centrality of the cross and identification with the death of Christ as the means of a victorious life.


Ministry of Angels [BT544 ]

The doctrine of angels is Bible-based and will correct common misconceptions. Counters the New Age philosophy and traditions concerning angels. Sound biblical teaching that will help the student discover the purpose and importance of angels from a biblical perspective. Availability: DVD


The Book of Ruth (OT 714) – Dr.F.Pickett


The Book of Esther (OT113) – Dr.F.Pickett


Transformers (NT503) – Dr.Larry Asplund


Synoptic Gospels 1 (NT561) – Dr.R.Cottle


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